The Next-Gen All-in-One

Decentralized IM

The Next-Gen

Decentralized IM

SendingMe is a decentralized and encrypted super-app that combines chat, socializing, and trade, giving you complete control over your social layer.

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Chat, socialize, and trade confidently in one place without worrying about safety, data ownership, or connectivity.

The all-in-One
IM Platform

Simplified Data Ownership

Private & Secure Messaging Channels

Private & Secure Messaging Channels

A Simply Better Way  to Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I move to SendingMe?

SendingMe allows you to dive deep into the heart and soul of your community with an engagement like no other. Our features enable you to reward, incentivize, entertain and collaborate with your people in a genuinely web3 way. Have a complete picture of the trends and thoughts of your supporters in one place without switching between multiple tabs and outlets.

What is a DID?

Decentralized Identity (DID) is an emerging technology that enables users to control their digital identity and data without relying on centralized authorities.

Is SendingMe secure & safe?

Yes. SendingMe does not have access to the contents of your wallet, NFTs, or any other assets you may have in it. It can only alternate, move or add something to your wallet if you specifically authorize the action. In addition, your conversations, files, and media are stored on the user’s client end. We also ensured the social graph is encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

Does SendingMe have an app?

Of course! We all juggle multiple platforms; SendingMe is available on the Web, Desktop (PC version), and mobile, supporting iOS and Android.

What does All-in-One mean?

Chat, socialize and trade in one place. SendingMe equips you with an instant messenger, social DID and token-gated platform. Everything you need for the Web3 IM.